Our community!  As a way to give back and share with others, Dimensions supports many community groups and endeavors.  It is our honor and priveledge to contribute and have a postitive impact in this world!  

Some sponsored groups, both past and present, to name a few:
Madison High School Basketball, Madison Youth League Softball, First Stage Adopt a Thespian Program, Oasis Shriners, Relay for Life, SART, North Buncombe Band, 106.9 the Light, New Directions, MAPS, Holt International, Pink Out for Madison, Mars Hill Elementary, & Compassion International.  

Compassion International and Holt International
Dimensions Studio has three adopted children.  Ally Richard Kapongo from Tanzania.  His birthday is May 10, 2003.  Ange Derlyne Noisette, from Haiti.  Her birthday is November 5, 2007, and Qing from China.  Her birthday is April 24, 2006. Please pray with us that they may be filled with happiness and joy. That they will grow up healthy, strong, and safe.  And, that they will learn to know the Lord and grow strong in Him. If you would like more information on either Ally, Ange or Qing or would like to give a donation for them, please send an e-mail or see Miss Angel at the Studio. 

Blessings to You! 

Claire Elise Atkins 
Memorial Scholarships
Dimensions has two scholarships in memory of Claire Atkins, daughter of former Clogging Instructor Jeff Atkins and wife, Angela.  A full year clogging and full year acro scholarship is given each season.  For more information, please contact the studio at 689-5267.

Dimensions also Offers the Flower Scholarship: This scholarship is provided directly from flower sales at our annual end of the year recital.  

Directions to Dimensions Studio

From 1-26 take exit 11. Head west on Hwy 213 into Mars Hill.  Dimensions is approximately 2.5 miles on right from exit 11.   We are located inside chain link fence with Green Acres Storage Buildings.  

From Marshall: Head east on Hwy 213 towards Mars Hill.  

Dimensions is located approimately 1 mile on left before Mars Hill.  We are located inside chain link fence with Green Acres Storage Buildings. 

What's Dimensions Into??

About Us Dimensions Studio is a center specializing in movement and the performing arts.  We provide classes for recreation and healthy, active lifestyles, as well as, programs for the more serious student.  Dimensions Studio began in 1997 under the direction of owners Angel W. Hilemon and Anna E. Jones.  Angel and Anna both grew up dancing in Mars Hill and wanted to give back the gift of dance that they both so cherished.  Their love of the performing arts inspired them to share their knowledge and experience.  Dimensions is the longest running dance and fitness studio in Madison County.  Since 2005, Angel has directed and operated Dimensions.  It is her mission to provide quality dance, performance experiences, fitness opportunities, and instill an understanding of the arts and a love for movement and activity to this community.  Dimensions welcomes both boys and girls!  Dimensions brings a caring, professional teaching staff to Madison County and the surrounding areas.  Our list of classes include: ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, modern, hip hop, tots, clogging, acrobatics, personal training, aerobics, weights class, interval fitness classes, fitness dance, yoga and Taekwondo.  Ages for classes range from 2 to adult.  It is with joy and gratitude that each instructor is able to share the talents they have so generously been given.  The annual end of the year production is the highlight of the season.  Always occurring near the end of May.  We strive to place emphasis on individual growth in a non-competitive, fun environment.  It would be our honor to have you with us at Dimensions Studio of Arts and Athletics!!! 

Dimensions Studio is proud to offer quality instruction.  Periodically you will find guest teachers and substitutes working with Dimensions.

A Note From Miss Angel: It is with great excitement and joy that I am announcing my retirement from Dimensions and thrilled beyond my dreams to announce new owner as of June 1 2018,  Ms Sarah Hoffman Woerner.  This decision has been covered in prayer and much thought.  I am so thankful for the last 21 years and for what Dimensions has meant to me and to our community.  I would not be who I am today without each and every student, instructor, and family member who has touched my life.  I said as a teenager that I would never own a dance studio….. well the jokes on me!!  It has been amazing and this journey has taught me more than I could have ever imagined! My goal when Anna Jones and I opened the studio in 1997 was to make it five years.  Now 21 years later, Dimensions is not only a dance studio, it is a home to so many. And now, it can continue 21 more years! Continue to offer quality dance and movement classes for all personalities and ages.   Sarah loves Dimensions and what it means and is so excited to continue the legacy Dimensions offers to our community. 

There are no words to express the love and gratitude I have for Dimensions Studio and all those who I consider a part of our Dimensions Family! Thank you…… I ask you to stand behind Sarah and I know Dimensions will be greater than ever!!  I am so looking forward to what the Lord has for me in the next chapter of my life.  God has provided and will continue to provide and do more than we could ever imagine, guess or request!  Again, thank you! Each of you will always hold a piece of my heart!                    With All My Love, Miss Angel     

Dimensions Studio
of Arts & Athletics

A Note From Ms. Sarah (New Owner)

Dimensions Families, I am beyond excited to be the new owner of Dimensions Studio! Dimensions has always held a special place in my heart, as it was the studio I grew up dancing in myself.

Dimensions opened when I was five years old and was my second home until the age of 18, when I graduated high school. I continued to dance through college and teach at Dimensions until I graduated.  After college, I married my husband Allen and we moved to Clayton, GA.  

During my time in Georgia, I continued to teach dance for a local dance studio.  My full time job was working at a wilderness therapy program for troubled adolescents and their families. Working with this company was a humbling experience and I will forever be grateful I had the opportunity to positively impact so many lives.

My time away from Mars Hill was beneficial for personal and professional growth.  We have a six month old son, Oaklee, and are so excited to raise him around family.  Mars Hill is where I grew up and there is no better place to raise a family.  I love this town and the community behind it. 

The decision for Miss Angel to trust Dimensions in the hands of anyone else was not an easy one. This is something that has been a dream of mine for a long time, and something we have both thought and prayed about a great deal. Miss Angel has played such a huge role in my life from the time I was a little girl.   I feel confident that I can continue what she started based on everything she has taught me. Dimensions teaches life lessons, as well as dance.

Thank you for continuing to trust Dimensions with classes for yourself and/or for your child. I am so excited to work with all of you and begin this journey with your family!

Sincerely,  Sarah Hoffman Woerner