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Recital Tees-  order Mar 26- Apr 16th. Info and order link sent in previous email.  Link also available here: https://goo.gl/forms/ONqEvUoMWNtQYXot1

You can also order in the office.  Pay online with parent portal or pay in the office.   

Spring Break-NO DANCE, ACRO, CLOGGING:    April 2-6th!             

Tai Chi, Yoga, Taekwondo & Tina’s Fitness classes will all be HELD!!            Happy Easter 

Tights   Recital Tights will be on sale in studio boutique beginning the week after spring break.   All performers ages 4 & up need the tights sold in our boutique.  This way everyone matches! The style/color needed for your child’s class will be posted in the boutique. The boutique will be open during regular office times, M-F, 3-6:00.    Reminder: tights purchased for production should not be worn for class, except on class picture day, save for production!!!              DON’T WAIT, get your tights!!! 


Costume Distribution Week!!!!!!  And Class Group Picture           

Costumes will be handed out week of April 23rd – Apr 27th   during classes.  Two complimentary tickets per student & final production info will be given out with costume. Parents should come to class this week to help your child try on their costume & get Complimentary Tickets!!

Class GROUP photos will be taken during this week during your child’s class time.  Be prepared to order your child’s class picture!  Each class will try on costume, receive costume instructions/tickets and then have picture taken.  Hair done nice this day, some lipstick and tights on really help to make a great class picture!!!

Dance Mattes Available: picture of class photo & individual photo on one matte .  Must sign up for an individual picture time.   No personal cameras please.  Please respect our photographer.  You may take photos at dress rehearsal.  Cindy Whitt will be taking our pictures.  Class pictures should be available for pick up by or at dress rehearsal.     

Individual Picture Information – Week of Apr 23-27 (same week as class pics)

 Individual Pictures of your star by Cindy will be available at various times throughout the week of Apr 23rd.  Please see sign-up sheet posted in lobby to reserve your time slot for a picture of just your star!  Times are subject to change.  This is a fabulous way to have a picture of your performer.   A non-refundable $3.00 picture fee is required to reserve time slot, payable to Dimensions.  This helps to guarantee customers for photographer!  If you have more than one costume & wish to have pictures of both, then you need to reserve different time slots with time in between for changing, paying the $3 fee for each time.  Pictures should be back by dress rehearsal.

Reminder, Dance Matte: picture of class & individual on one matte .  GREAT SOUVENIOR!!

Recital Awards

End of the Year Recital awards will be presented to students at the production.  Students will receive their awards at the end of the show.  Immediately following finale/curtain call, parents will be given instructions on how to come up on stage to get your child.  Flowers or other gifts may be given at this time.  This is a long and arduous process; however it endures the safety of our young stars in getting them to their parents. 

Flowers   Be watching for Pre-Order Flower info! Flowers can be given at end of show when come onstage to get your student.  

Hair   All performers will wear same hairstyle for recital!!  A picture will be posted in lobby.  NO HAIR CHANGES!!  Only hair accessories will be added and removed.  Hair jewels may be worn and will be on sale at studio!!

Hair will be a nice/neat low side bun on the left, with a part on the right. A braid could be added but not mandatory.  

Hair demo:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmFKYusZA1A&t=2s

TICKETS  Each student participating in the production will receive 2 complimentary tickets with paid recital fee.  Pre-purchased tickets will be available for sale at the studio for $7.00 per show beginning in May.  Tickets will be available at the door, for $10.00.  Children 6 and under are free.  

Video Taping is PROHIBITED!!!    No videoing allowed at Rectal!!   We will have a   professional videographer on hand to video the show.  DVDs will be on sale for $25 beginning in May.     A sign-up sheet will be posted in May with more info.             Please pre-order!!!   

ABSOLUTELY no DVD orders will be taken after May 24th(last day of classes). 

Videoing by audience members is distracting and rude to observers & performers! We appreciate your cooperation!!!

You may video dress rehearsal.   DVDs take up to 8 wks after recital before ready for pick up.


Dress Rehearsal             

Sat May 19th @ 3:30pm –  @ Moore Aud.         ARRIVE at 3:15pm

Dress rehearsal is always quite eventful; there will be a lot of starting & stopping, that is why it is a rehearsal.  Don’t get discouraged; things will come together for the show!  All students need to attend the dress rehearsals!  Please do not be late!! We will then run the entire show beginning with the curtain call/finale so students may leave when they are no longer needed.  

Please arrive promptly in full costume, hair and make-up done!   



"Inspire" is on Sunday May 20th at 2:30pm.  Call time for all students to be at the auditorium dressed & ready in make-up & hair is 1:45pm.

Notes for Our Stars:  During the rehearsal and the actual show, students will remain in dressing rooms backstage or sitting in auditorium with their class once they have checked in.  Our “Star Staff" will be in the dressing rooms and with your child’s class to help change their shoes & accessories. 

Students who have more than one costume will be receiving separate instructions for costume changes.   You will get to meet your child’s star staff at dress rehearsal.   We ask that parents remain in the audience section of auditorium during the rehearsals & shows.  If your child needs you, we will definitely get you.   Please let your child's Star Staff Worker know any info that you feel will be helpful in keeping your child happy.  If you do not feel comfortable with this arrangement let us know.   The day of the show, you may want to have your child put a book or coloring book in their bag.  This will help to relieve tension & “waiting for my turn” to go on.


End of Year Stuff:

*BE Our Guest Week is May 7-11th: Students may invite a GUEST to class.

*Spirit Week is May 14-18th: Wear an old costume, crazy hat/hair, anything fun for class!

*Last Week of 2017-2018 Season Classes: May 21-24th. Attendance awards given out during this week.


Summer Dance Classes: Thursdays Beginning June 7th! Explore Dance! Register Online April 1st.  First few registered & paid receive a free t-shirt! See flier at studio.

 *Taekwondo, Tai Chi, possibly Yoga & all Tina’s Fitness Classes will continue as currently scheduled. 

Registration for Next Dance Season 2018-2019 will open online Jun 1st!!!  A schedule will be posted in May.  Walk in registration will be in Aug. Fall classes begin end of  Aug!!!

If you have any questions about the recital, please come to us.  We are looking forward to our 21st end of the year production with great anticipation and excitement!!!!!!

Thank You Once Again for Another Great Year!!!! Dimensions Staff