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Class Descriptions:

Tot Class- This is an 8 wk session for  2/3/4 yr olds, and their parents.  The class consists of preballet & tap type movements, song/dance, coordination skills, listening/following skills, and lots of fun!!!  Parents/guardians stay in the class and may participate.  An 8 wk session is held in the fall and then again in the spring.  The first four weeks are danced in ballet or soft shoes and second four weeks of the session dancers may wear tap shoes.  Any color leotard and tights are acceptable.  Dance skirts, tutus are allowed. Move-able clothing such as dance/yoga pants and tank tops are also acceptable. 

Pre-Primary Tap & Ballet: This class is for 4 & 5 yr olds.  It is a 45 min class once a week, held Aug/Sept - May.  Tap and ballet is done every class.  Skills that enhance rhythm, timing, coordination, strengthening, stretching, listening, dance room etiquette, and creativity are all apart of this class.  

Primary Tap & Ballet:  This class is for 5/6/7 yr olds.  It is also 45 mins and begins to introduce the use of the ballet barre.  This class continues to teach the fundamentals of tap and ballet as well as encourage fun, creativity, and self expression.  

Combo I & II Classes: Both these classes are a combination of ballet, tap & jazz.  At this level, longer attention spans are needed and nurtured.  Steps and progressions become more in depth, as well as, the strength and abilities of the students.  Jazz is introduced at this age.  Jazz dance  is a truly American art form, always changing and open to new movement ideas.  Jazz dance is a dynamic dance genre.  It is hot, cool, sassy, smooth, sharp, big, and delicate.  It can be blues, lyrical, or street style.   All dance is a wonderful form of execise stimulating mind and body alike.  Combo classes begin at age 7 and may go until age 12.  

Level I & Level II Dance Classes: These classes are for students ages 10 & up.  Classes may consist of beginner and intermediate students.    These classes are longer and more attention is given to each individual dance genre.  

Acrobatics: Our acro classes employ many of the same types of inverted skills as gymnastics with a focus on balance, flexibility, and strength.  Students learn basic skills such as headstands, handstands, back-bends, bridges, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls and variations through more advanced skills such as aerials, walkovers, and handsprings. 

Adult Dance:   Our adult dance class(when offered) is for beginners as well as experienced dancers.  The class is held in 6 wk sessions for varying disciplines: ballet, jazz, tap, modern and a combination of ballet/tap.   No special attire is required-simply clothing that you can move in.  Shoes are optional.     

Clogging:  The clogging classes consist of a range of styles from traditional to contemporary.  A focus is also given to the Southern Appalachian figures and styles.  Clogging classes begin at age 4 and continue through teenagers. The  Competition Clogging class is for intermediate/advanced dancers wishing to compete and perform. 

Fitness Dance:  Exercise in disguise! Combines dances styles with aerobics and light weights. 

Hip Hop:  Dimensions' hip hop classes are fun and high energy, combing street hip hop with hip hop technique.  Hip hop moves, combinations and tricks are all taught.  Strength, balance, coordination,  flexibility, and most of all fun are all a part of our hip hop classes. 

Interval/Fitness:  The Monday class is a combination of low impact aerobics and weights in 3-5 min intervals,  ending with traditional floor exercises.   Get your Saturday off to a good start at 9am for a full hour of body sculpting which could include 3 & 5 lb weights, medicine balls, and Swiss exercise balls.

Irish: This form of dance was popularized in 1994 by the world famous show Riverdance.  Irish dance is notable for its rapid leg and foot movements, while the body and arms remain largely stationary.  Hard shoes are often worn to create the beautiful rhythmical percussions. 
Modern Dance:  This dance form has no single specific technique as in ballet, but rather intellectual approaches to movement to create specific forms, designs, and ideas with the body.  Modern dance was born out of rebellion to express oneself in a way other than through the rigidity of ballet.  Today, there are as many styles of modern dance as there are opinions of life.  At Dimensions, self expression, partner work, and improvisation are all incorporated into class.   A combination of styles and techniques are used: Bartinieff Fundamentals, Horton, and Graham to name a few.   

Musical Theater: These classes are a form of theatrical performance that combines music, dance, acting, singing, and spoken word in order to express a story, content, or ideas. 

Taekwondo:  Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, very similar to the styles of Karate utilized by the Japanese.  Beginning levels of Taekwondo involve forms (a set pattern of movements) and one-steps (pre-determined moves against an attacker to develop timing and distance).  

Yoga- Flow Yoga: In this class, the Yoga poses are synchronized to the breath and are run together in a smooth, flowing way.  Poses include: Sun Salutations such as plank, chaturanga, and upward facing dog. Also included is balance work and focus on specific body sections such as the back, hips, legs, etc. 

Just a few of the benefits of any movement oriented class are: limberness, strength, balance, rhythm and timing, coordination, speed, self confidence and body awareness.  Dimensions is very proud to promote a healthy lifestyle for all ages as well as education in the performing arts.  

2016-2017 Season Schedule 

We begin seasonal classes in Aug and run through May.  All Fitness, Taekwondo, and Yoga classes are year round.  

Seasonal classes marked with **

Class Times Tentative & Subject to Change
Below Schedule is for Fall 2016 to May 2017

      Studio II         Wednesday
3:45-4:30 = Irish  (8 & Up)**        Miss Rachel
4:30-5:15 = Clogging II (8 & Up)**    Miss Rachel

     Studio I          Thursday  
3:45-4:30 =  Hip Hop I (10 & Up)**       Miss Lauren
4:30-5:15 =  Hip Hop II (11 & Up)**      Miss Lauren
5:15-6:15 =  Musical Theater (8 & Up)**   Miss Danielle
6:15-7:15 =  Modern  (10 & Up)**        Miss Danielle
7:15-7:45 =  Tap I/II (11 & Up)**     Miss Hailey 

                        Studio II         Thursday
3:45-4:30 = Kids Hip Hop (6-10 Yr Olds)**  Miss Bethany 
4:30-5:15 = Jazz I (10 & Up)**    Miss Hailey 
5:45-6:30 = Pre-Primary Ballet/Tap (4 & 5 Yr Olds)**    Miss Angel/Miss Tracey
6:30-7:15 = Body Sculpting    Tina Murphy            

Wts/Fitness/Yoga Classes Open to Teens & Adults 
All Seasonal Classes** Are Closed thru summer and begin in Fall of Each Year
Seasonal Classes are marked with **
All Fitness, Yoga & Taekwondo Classes Continue thru Summer

                                                 Studio I          Wednesday                                           
9:00-10:00AM = Fitness Dance       Miss Angel     
3:45-4:30 = Acro II (8 & Up)**    Miss Angel                    
4:30-5:15 = Acro I (4-7 Yr Olds)**       Miss Angel     
5:15-6:00 = Acro I (6-8 yr Olds)**              Miss Angel
6:30-7:15 = Taekwondo Little Kids (4 & Up)  Ben Nisbeth       
7:15-8:15 = Taekwondo, Teens/Adults (12 & Up)   Ben Nisbeth     

                                   Studio I          Friday                                    
3:45-4:45 =   Acro III (8 & Up)**     Miss Angel      
4:45-5:45 = Acro IV (Permission Only)**    Miss Angel

          Studio I           Saturday  
9:00-10:00am = Taekwondo Teens/Adults        Ben Nisbeth      
10:00-10:45am = Taekwondo Kids (4-12)      Ben Nisbeth          

    Studio II         Saturday 
    9:00-10:00am = Aerobics/Weights, Interval Fitness Class        Tina Murphy    


Dimensions Studio
of Arts & Athletics

Studio I         Monday
4:00-5:00 = Ballet I (10 & Up)**       Miss Anna
5:00-5:30 = Pre-Pointe (Permission Only)**       Miss Anna
5:30-6:30 = Ballet II  (11 & up)**    Miss Anna   
6:30-7:30 = Jazz II (11 & up)**      Miss Danielle

 Studio II         Monday
4:00-5:00 = Competition Clogging (Permission only)**   Miss Danielle
5:15-5:45 = Tots Creative Movement (2 & 3 Yr Olds)**   Miss Angel      

5:45-6:30 = Clogging III (Permission Only)**               Miss Rachel 
6:30-7:15 = Intervals Fitness Class   Tina Murphy   Summer Class
 Studio I          Tuesday
3:45-5:30 = Combo II   Ballet, Tap, Jazz  ( (8-12 Yr Olds)**   Miss Anna & Miss Angel
5:30-6:15 = Beginning Musical Theater (8-10 Yr Olds)** Miss Danielle
6:30-7:30 =  Flow Yoga (Teen/Adult)          Ruth Van Sickle   Summer Class

 Studio II         Tuesday
4:00-4:45 = Clogging IV Intermediate/Advanced (Permission Only)** Miss Danielle
4:45-5:30 = Clogging I (4-8 Yr Olds)**        Miss Danielle 
5:30-6:15 = Primary Ballet/Tap (5, 6, & 7 Yr Olds)** Miss Emily 
6:15-7:30 = Combo I Ballet, Tap, Jazz (7-10 Yr Olds)** Miss Emily    ‚Äč